Dr. Rasha Mashmoushi
Credentials -Doctorate in Educational Psychology
-MA Educational Psychology
-BA Education
Institution -University of Nottingham, PhD
-University of Bristol, MA
-American University of Beirut, BA
Year Awarded -BA 2003
-MA 2006
-PhD 2010
Therapy Type Educational Psychologist
Specialty -ADD
-Special Needs
Age group -Children (6 and over)

Dr. Rasha graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Education from the American University of Beirut (2003). She then went on to complete her Masters in Educational Psychology at the University of Bristol (2006). In 2010 she obtained her Doctorate degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Nottingham. She gained a great deal of experience working as an educational psychologist and consultant for ten schools. Her duties during this time was to conduct various assessments and develop effective provision to support the schools in meeting the needs of children who are experiencing difficulties socially, behaviorally, emotionally, and/or academically.

In addition to that Dr. Rasha was also the head of the Special Needs Department in the Sharjah American International School, where her main duties as the special needs coordinator were to set up provision to address the students’ difficulties and fulfill their needs. She has also provided counseling sessions for students with emotional, social, and/or behavioral difficulties. Furthermore, Dr. Rasha was the director of academic support services in Dar Al-Hekma University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.