Salma Al-mufti
Credentials -Certified Canadian Counselor
-M.Ed Adult Counseling Psychology
-BA Psychology
Institution -King Abdul Aziz University, BA
-University of Toronto, MA
Year Awarded -BA 2008
-MA 2013
Therapy Type -CBT
-Guided Imagery
-Prolonged Imagery
Specialty -Trauma (of rape and war)
Age group Adults (17 yrs and up)

Salma Almufti has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. She has Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology for Community and Educational settings from University of Toronto, Canada.She had attended many seminars and conferences, such as CBT. CBT for adults is the main area of focus in therapy with emphasis on dysfunctional thoughts, emotions and behaviours. CBT is a structured and goal oriented approach that helps patients to deal with their problems/illness in a more effective and active way. She worked over 520 hours of counselling and psychotherapy services through University of Toronto affiliated clinics.Salma is interested in women's rights and Trauma after rape/war Issues.

Her main areas of exposure and techniques undertaken throughout placement:
1-Guided imagery
2-Prolonged exposure
3- Imagery re-scripting for PTSD patients.
4-Using behavioural activation and thought record to reduce suicide ideation for depressed patients.
5-Reducing rumination and compulsive behaviours by response prevention. During her work, she dealt with people with mental health disorders, kids with disabilities and war refuge. People left their finger prints on her, and made her see the world in a different way.